Going Broke Safely

The stock market is at an all time low for the number of investors. Before the Financial Meltdown in 2008, 62% of Americans were invested. Today, only 54% of Americans are invested in the stock market. That means that that 46% of people aren’t invested. Out of the 54% that are invested, the majority are just barely invested.
There are many reasons people don’t invest. For example, low income households are less likely to invest because they don’t have the free capital to do it. Other’s might not invest because they have a lot of debt and are more concerned about paying that down instead.
What about the rest of the people that aren’t investing?

They are going broke safely.
Fear is the biggest reason people don’t invest.
People are scared of another “crash” like 2008. While it’s hard to have your money in the stock market and watch it’s value go down, it is the best time to start buying! It’s just stocks going on sale. For most things in life – clothes, shoes, a new motorbike, a car – we try to find the best deal possible. For the stock market, we wait till it’s going up before we are comfortable investing. Even though there might be short periods in time when the stock market goes down, the stock market always goes up. There has never been a time in history that it hasn’t gone back up.
If you had of invested $10,000 in March 2009, today it would be worth $40,000.
In 2008, the majority of people were pulling their money out and trying to prevent losing any more. Those are the people that lost money. Their money wasn’t in the markets to recover. The few that started putting more money in, those are the people that made a lot!
The best thing that could happen in the next few years is another crash. It’s going to hurt watching your money that is in there. But with a good mindset and a steady strategy of investing more, that is when you will be able to catch up and get ahead.
The most recent example is at the end of 2018 and the markets went down. For my clients that kept their investment strategy going, they have earned 10%. For people that didn’t buy more, they are at a break even point now.
Not investing has far more negative consequences than investing:
– If you hold your money in bank investments, earning only 1 to 2% per year, you are losing money to inflation which is running about 2 to 3% per year. You are actually losing money, and this is what I call going broke safely.
– If you aren’t investing because you are concerned about paying off debt, you might still have debt in 10 years and still not have any money. I love putting together a good debt/investment strategy! Debt can be a “lifestyle” when taken care of and used properly. Sounds completely contradictory to everything most of you have been taught, but it’s true!
– If you don’t invest, you will still be no better off financially in 10, 20, 30 years from now. Don’t you want something to show for all your hard work?
Now that you know a few of the downsides and that not investing is the equivalent of going broke safely, there is no better time than right now to get started. Markets will always go up. As of this moment, you are actually buying them on sale. If debt is holding you back, there is a plan for that. If lack of additional funds is an issue, there could be a plan for that too. If fear is a problem, well there is some protection from the downside that I often set up but the only fear there should be is not investing. Let’s grab a coffee and discuss a plan for you!

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